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  • Life Insurance and Foreign Travel

    Life Insurance and Foreign Travel

    Do you travel outside of the United States on a regular basis? Maybe you travel to the Middle East, Parts of Asia, India or Pakistan. If you do, you should be aware that foreign travel questions are on nearly every…Read more ›>>>
  • Beware of No-Exam Life Insurance

    Beware of No-Exam Life Insurance

    Should you apply for life insurance that advertises “no-exam”? Wouldn’t it be less hassle? Nobody really likes getting stuck with a needle, right? The less the insurance company knows about you the better, right? So is no exam life insurance…Read more ›>>>
  • Independent Insurance Agent

    Independent Insurance Agent

    How do you get the lowest price on life insurance? By being told all of your options and by applying to the insurance company whose underwriting standards best fit your situation. At Dixon Advisory Group as an independent insurance agent,…Read more ›>>>
  • Term Life Calculator

    Term Life Calculator

    If you want to know how much life insurance costs, you need a good term life calculator. At www.findaterm.com our calculator offers: Unlimited term life quotes: Get as many as you would like. Anonymous quotes: You don’t have to enter…Read more ›>>>
  • How To Buy Life Insurance

    How To Buy Life Insurance

    Once you decide you need to purchase life insurance, what is your first step? Several years ago, the only way to buy life insurance was to find an insurance agent and ask for quotes. Did he work for one company?…Read more ›>>>
  • How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

    How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

    I have delivered several life insurance checks to beneficiaries and never once has anyone said, “Wow, that’s way too much.” I don’t really think you can have too much life insurance, but you can definitely have too much premium. Of…Read more ›>>>
  • Mortgage Insurance

    Mortgage Insurance

    Anyone who has purchased a house recently has very likely received a postcard in the mail with an offer of “mortgage insurance.” The card will have the lender and mortgage amount referenced to look as if it’s an official document,…Read more ›>>>
  • How to be Unhealthy

    How to be Unhealthy

    I originally wanted to write about being healthy but there is nothing new about everything you need to know to be healthy.  However, just in case you avoid those preachy fitness magazines, I’ll tell you in one sentence what you…Read more ›>>>
  • Husband won’t buy Life Insurance

    Husband won’t buy Life Insurance

    Being the wife of an insurance professional, I often find myself asking my friends if they have life insurance or enough life insurance. Most of them will say yes and the conversation moves on to gossip. Every once in a…Read more ›>>>
  • Life Insurance and Marijuana use

    Life Insurance and Marijuana use

    If you are a casual Marijuana user, can you get life insurance? The simple answer is yes. Certain insurers have been issuing policies for many years to those that smoke pot. Even though several states have legalized marijuana use, that…Read more ›>>>
  • Buy Sell Agreement

    Buy Sell Agreement

    Do you have a business partner? If you do, then you have probably thought about what would happen if your partner were to die suddenly. Who would inherit their share of the business? If they are married, it would most…Read more ›>>>
  • Pension Replacement Life Insurance

    Pension Replacement Life Insurance

      When a new pension election is presented to a retiree, you will usually have a few options. If you are given the option of a systematic stream of monthly payments, you have a choice to make. Should you take…Read more ›>>>
  • Life Insurance for Cancer Survivors

    Life Insurance for Cancer Survivors

    Can a cancer survivor be approved for life insurance? The short answer is yes, but not always. You shouldn’t discount your chances of obtaining a life insurance policy with an affordable premium simply because you have had cancer in the…Read more ›>>>
  • Life Insurance for Stay at Home Mom

    Life Insurance for Stay at Home Mom

    If it’s Friday night in my house, it’s pizza night. Every Friday I pick up pizza and wings for the family. If we have company on Friday night, they eat pizza with us. Recently I was in a local pizza…Read more ›>>>
  • Financial Planning for a Special Needs Child

    Financial Planning for a Special Needs Child

    Long term financial and family planning for a special needs child and traditional planning will overlap in many ways. The basic goals of maximizing income, passing assets and wealth to your heirs and protecting those assets in the process are…Read more ›>>>
  • Term Vs Whole Life

    Term Vs Whole Life

    You hear a lot of argument in the insurance community about what type of insurance you should have. In the term vs whole life debate, which one wins? I have been telling people this for 20 years and I still…Read more ›>>>
  • Should I Buy Life Insurance for my Kids

    Should I Buy Life Insurance for my Kids

    The simple answer here is yes. The worst fear of most any parent I believe, is something bad happening to one of our kids. I can’t think of anything that would be worse than burying a child. But senseless tragedies…Read more ›>>>
  • Should I buy Life Insurance for My Parents?

    Should I buy Life Insurance for My Parents?

    Should I buy life insurance for my parents? I’ve been asked that question several times over the years. The answer can be yes in many cases, it just depends on what you are trying to accomplish. A few years ago I was called by…Read more ›>>>
  • What To Do If You Are Declined for Life Insurance

    What To Do If You Are Declined for Life Insurance

    I’ve heard many times someone say, “Since I was turned down by Company A, let’s apply to Company B and they won’t know about this issue.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way. When you apply for life insurance,>>>
  • Do you Dip?

    Do you Dip?

    About 12 years ago, I met with John, a 57 year old client who wanted additional life insurance. He was an avid outdoorsman, impressively fit and seemingly the epitome of exceptional health. In the interview I learned that he>>>
  • I am dying.  You’re dying too.

    I am dying. You’re dying too.

    In the time it takes to read these words you are a little closer to the day you will die. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in 2010 (http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/deaths.htm), the most recent year complete statistics are available:>>>
  • Educated Consumers

    Educated Consumers

    A recent survey by LIMRA (an association that provides research and consulting to insurance companies) found that 86% of Americans believe most people need life insurance. Yet according to LIMRA, there are 95 million people without any life insurance at…Read more ›>>>